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  • Blazebullet

    Way better then the original grips!!!
    These are high quality and have this nice soft texturefeel to them. Fits perfectly in my hands! No moreawakness with playing on single Joycon. Would 100%recommend these to anyone! Great price as well! Can'twait to get the colored ones!

  • Arcuba

    Very necessary.
    If you have more than two joycon sets this is verynecessary so you don't invite your friends over to gameand realize after everyone has settled in and preparedthat some controllera are dead.

  • Stan

    Compact, clean, awesome charging dock
    Great compact charging station. This thing doesn't takeup any real amount of space and allows you to charge4 joycons at a time or 1 pro controller and 2 joycons. ltlooks super clean and modern with thr green and redstatus lights. Highly recommend this to anyone lookingfor a small charging station.

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